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100 x Science.7 is here!

Science Park Auditorium. Granada 10/24/2023, 7:00 p.m.

Free until capacity is reached.

With the event “Seven questions that will change the world” we aim to take a well-intentioned look at what is coming our way. We want to imagine what science will be like in ten, twenty, fifty years... What will it have to face? What challenges will you have to take on? What capabilities will we achieve? We are going to try to describe the future as realistically as possible. But, we already told you: we are not going to achieve it. If the history of science and technological development shows us anything, it is that the smartest thing is to refrain from trying to predict anything. New disruptive technologies will emerge, paradigms will change, seemingly immovable foundations will fall, ideas that no one imagined will emerge and unexpected discoveries will be made if...or perhaps none of this will happen. The only certainty is that the horizon looks worrying. That there are things that must be changed no matter what, and that science and technology must help us do it. Mark the path. Although to do this, you have to listen to those who know. And this is what we are going to do.

Eight expert voices will speak in the present about the science of the future. They will try to answer seven key questions that will mark the path of what is to come, of the future that awaits us. And all this wrapped in music that emerges from the most traditional and classic past to the present. Traditional art for the science and technology of the future.

“Seven questions that will change the world” (The state of the “art” of future science) is part of 100xCiencia.7, the annual meeting of the SOMMa alliance that brings together the scientific community of the Severo Ochoa and Severo Ochoa Centers of Excellence. María de Maeztu Units of Excellence, which in this seventh edition will host representatives of the 65 entities that are currently part of the alliance.

Mesa redonda sobre la futura habitabilidad del planeta.


La crisis climática, la imparable demanda energética y el agotamiento de los recursos colisionan de manera directa con una población cada vez más numerosa y con una esperanza de vida cada vez mayor.  

Con las perspectiva real de un ser humano cada vez más longevo habitando un planeta cada vez más extenuado, tres voces expertas debatirán sobre el futuro de la vida en nuestro planeta en base a tres preguntas clave: 


¿Cómo de habitable será la Tierra? 

¿Cuánto tiempo viviremos? 

¿Cómo alimentamos a 10000 millones de personas?

Antonio Turiel 

Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (ICM-CSIC)

Doctor en Física Teórica y experto en recursos energéticos, matemático y centra su trabajo en la oceanografía por satélite. Experto en la crisis energética provocada por el agotamiento de los recursos. Aboga por una sociedad no basada en el crecimiento. Autor del blog The Oil Crash, y de numerosos libros sobre el tema.

Maria Luisa Cayuela

Murcian Institute of Biosanitary Research (IMIB)

Principal researcher of the Telomerase, Cancer and Aging group at IMIB, with training in genetic regulation, molecular and cellular biology, she is a specialist in the role of telomerase in aging processes and in the search for therapies for diseases associated with it.

Josep Mª Casacuberta

Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG)

Doctor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He has worked on research projects studying what plant genomes are and how they evolve and how their genes are regulated during development or when attacked by pathogens. The results of these works have been published in numerous articles in international scientific journals.

Moderator: Lorena Carrillo

SOMMA Alliance

Journalist and science communicator. She is currently the Project Manager of the SOMMA Alliance, an alliance formed by the Severo Ochoa centers and María de Maeztu units.






SO/MM Centers

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The Meeting will take place in the Granada Science Park.

  • Abades Nevada Palace Hotel and Abades Pickups

  • Hotel Maciá Monasterio de los Basilios

  • Hotel Maciá Five Senses

  • Saray Hotel

You can find extended information on the map.




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