Granada. 24th-28th April 2023



The Galactic Center Workshop will be held in the "Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura" (Granada) from Monday April 24th, to Friday, April 28th, 2023.

The Galactic Center has often been called a "unique astrophysical laboratory”. This is as true as ever and the Galactic Center  keeps providing rich inspiration and data to study an impressive number of science questions. In this conference we will review the progress in our field over that past four years and focus on some spectacular results. We will also link the physics of the Galactic Center to other galactic nuclei and galaxy evolution in general. The last meeting of the Galactic Center community took place in Yokohama in October 2019 (GCWS 2019 http://aysheaia.phys.keio.ac.jp/GCWS2019/index.html). It is high time for the next edition of this series of conferences, which will be held in Granada, Spain, at the end of April 2023.

Main science topics:

  • Sagittarius A*

  • The Inner Parsec

  • The ISM and magnetic fields at the GC

  • Star formation and feedback

  • High energy processes, Dark Matter

  • Extreme/singular objects

  • Stellar population and dynamics

  • Structure and formation history of the GC

  • The GC in the context of nearby nuclei and galaxy evolution


  • Zhen Cao, PI LHAASSO

  • Vitor Cardoso, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

  • Maïca Clavel, Université Grenoble Alpes, France

  • Frank Eisenhauer MPE, Germany

  • José Luis Gómez, IAA-CSIC, Spain

  • Jonathan Henshaw MPIA, Germany

  • Cornelia Lang, University of Iowa, USA

  • Steve Longmore Liverpool, John Moores University, UK

  • Michela Mapelli University of Padova, Italy

  • Sera Markoff, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Smadar Naoz, UCLA, USA

  • Nadine Neumayer MPIA, Germany

  • Masayoshi Nobukawa Nara University of Education

  • Tomoharu Oka, Keio University, Japan

  • Subhashis Roy, National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, India

  • Rainer Schödel (Chair), IAA-CSIC, Spain


  • Miguel Cano, IAA-CSIC

  • Angela Gardini (Chair), IAA-CSIC

  • Francisco Nogueras Lara, MPIA

  • Álvaro Martínez, IAA-CSIC

  • Nadeen Sabha, University of Innsbruck

Call for abstracts

Participants interested in presenting a communication are invited to submit an abstract before Tuesday, February 28th, 2023. The final program with the allocated talks and posters will be communicated at the middle of March. 

Notification regarding the status of your abstract acceptance is expected to be sent on Tuesday, March 15th, 2023.

Abstratcs must be submitted through the submission form.

Important dates

  • Registation opening: Tuesday, November 29th 2022 

  • Abstract submission deadline: Tuesday, February 28th 2023

  • Comunication to authors: Tuesday, March 15th 2023

  • Meeting: from April 24th to 28th 2023


You can contact the Scientific Organizing Committee at:



You can contact the Local Organizing Committee at:




*This is a preliminary program and some details may still change

Monday, April 24th

Registration open from 8:15h on

09:15 - 09:30 Welcome

09:30 - 10:30  Opening Talks : Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez

10:30 - 13:30 Session 1: Sagittarius A*

(Invited talk) Daryl Haggard: EHT results on Sgr A*

(Invited talk) S. Gillessen: GRAVITY results on Sgr A*

13:30 - 15:30 Lunch break

15:30 - 19:00 Session 2: The inner parsec

(Review talk) Tuan Do

(Invited talk) Diego Calderón: Stellar winds and accretion onto Sgr A*

20:30h Icebreaker

Tuesday, April 25th

10:00 - 13:30 Session 3: The ISM and magnetic fields at the GC

(Review talk) Dave Chuss

(Invited talk) Kumiko Nobukawa: XRISM observations of the GC

(Invited talk) Thushara Pillai - The magnetic field in the CMZ and its relation to star formation 

13:30 - 15:30 Lunch break

15:30 - 19:00 Session 4: Star formation and feedback at the GC - part 1

(Review talk) Rebecca Levy 

(Invited talk) Adam Ginsburg - The ACES ad CMZoom surveys - provisional

20:00  Private tour of Granada city center

Wednesday, April 26th

10:00 - 13:30 Session 5: Star formation and feedback at the GC - Part 2

(Review talk) Mattia Sormani

(Invited talk) Peter Predehl: The X-ray bubbles at the Galactic Center and their connection to outflows

(Invited talk) Ash Barnes - Stellar feedback in the CMZ

Free afternoon/Excursions

18:30 Private tour of the Albaicín and Sacromonte

20:30 Conference Dinner at La Chumbera (see map) 

Thursday, April 27th

10:00 - 13:30 Session 6: High energy processes, Dark Matter

(Review talk) Jim Hinton

(Invited talk) Ruizhi Yang: LHASSO and its implications for the future of high energy GC observations 

(Invited talk) Konstantina Anastasopoulou: The Galactic Centre X-ray excess

13:30 - 15:30 Lunch break

15:30 - 19:00 Session 7: Extreme/singular Objects

(Review talk) Anna Ciurlo

(Invited talk) E. Rossi: Hypervolocity stars and their implications for the GC

22:00 Alhambra guided tour. Night visit

Friday, April 28th

10:00 - 13:30 Session 8: Structure and formation history of the GC

(Review talk) A. Feldmeier-Krause

(Invited talk) Daisuke Kawata: Formation of the Galactic Bar and relation to the NSD/JASMINE 

(Invited talk) F. Nogueras-Lara: The Nuclear Stellar Disc: Properties, formation history and recent star formation 

13:30 - 15:30 Lunch break

15:30 - 18:00 Session 9: The GC in the context of nearby nuclei and galaxy evolution

(Review talk) A. Seth

(Invited talk) D. Gadotti: Insights into galactic nuclei from the TIMER survey


How to register?

This Meeting will be an in-person meeting. To formalize the participation you must fill the mandatory fields in the registration form. Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card through the registration platform. If bank transfer is chosen, you must state clearly the name and the reference received by email.​

Registration fee

The conference fee for all registrations received before Monday, April 3rd 2023 will be 430 euros. The registration fee includes all coffee breaks listed in the program, welcome cocktail, the conference dinner on Wednesday evening and the welcome pack. From April 3rd onward the registration fee will have a surcharge of 50€.

Other social activities that will be listed in the program like tours the Alhambra guided tour are not included in the registration fee. Companions are welcome at all social activities. Please, contact the Technical Secretariat (gcw@granadacongresos.com) to register companions in the activities.


The organizing committee invites authors to submit abstracts for on-site presentation within any of the topic listed above​


  • The presenting author must be registered in the Congress.

  • Abstracts can be up to 350 words.

  • Abstracts must be submitted through the registration form.



The Meeting will take place at the “Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura (Granada)”, Campo del Príncipe, s/n, 18071 Granada

How to get Granada?


Federico García Lorca Airport (GRANADA)
Federico García Lorca Airport is currently connected by six daily flights to Madrid and three daily flights to Barcelona. It is located 15km from the city centre, with buses to and from each flight.
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Pablo Picasso Airport (MALAGA)
The Pablo Picasso International Airport is located approximately 130km from Granada, connected to every European city with regular daily flights and, thanks to the motorway which links both cities, can be reached in just over one hour by car or bus
Flights and routes.
See the AENA website – Telephone: 958 245 200


Modern trains connect Granada to all of Andalusia and to the main Spanish cities. The High Speed rail network has been operational since 2015, thus significantly lowering travel times.
Avenida de Andaluces, s/n 18014 Granada – Telephone: 902 320 320
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Granada is very well connected thanks to its network of motorways and daily bus services to destinations all over the country.
Bus station
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Telephone numbers: 958 18 54 80 / 958 25 13 58

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